We edit anthologies, articles, books, dissertations, essays, letters, and any other words that need a little TLC. We especially excel at editing nonfiction articles aimed at niche audiences. Send us your tired, your poor, your muddled content yearning to be clear.

Whether you want us to take a deep dive or simply skim the surface, we can guarantee clean copy and clear communication. We can enliven your lines or leave your voice entirely intact. We can thoroughly fact-check the accuracy of your statements and statistics. We can trim hard but smart. For online content, we're attuned to the ever-illusive quality searchability and can factor that into our reads.


Email. We've assembled and managed several newsletters, from topic-specific news bulletins to weekly insights on culture and identity. We can help you design and distribute captivating dispatches to your people.

Promotion. We've publicized bands, labels, and publications via live events (some with thousands of attendees), merchandise sales, online forums, and public presentations. We can give your brand a boost too.

Search engine optimization. We are evergreen with the ever-changing best practices for nudging your content toward the top of your audience's search results. After optimizing your articles, we can gather and analyze statistics using analytics provided by search engines and social media platforms.

Social media management. We've grown and maintained pages with millions of followers, and we've also moderated smaller communities brought together by a specific passion. We can develop and manage your page, whether it's hyperlocal or global.


If we build it, they will come. We write product descriptions and reviews. We craft well-researched articles, blog posts, book proposals, captions, headlines, interviews, newsletters, social media posts, and jokes for disposable sauce packets. We're also killer curators. We know a writer who knows a writer.

We've been writing and publishing our own comedy, fiction, nonfiction, and poetry since we could first sign a publication-rights waiver. We've been doing it for other people since 2010. We really shine when writing about DIY solutions, health, politics, pop culture, social justice, and sustainable living.


We've designed newspaper layouts, hosted podcasts, and produced and edited video. We can also provide fast yet accurate audio-to-text transcription.

We're detail-oriented. We have experience coordinating all aspects of photography acquisition and contracting, including contacting photographers, maintaining rigorous records of photo usage and agreements, processing invoices, and negotiating prices with stock-photo agencies.

Plus, we're Photoshop wizards — we can make the images on your site pop to draw in readers and customers.