Amanda Sorell studied creative writing and journalism at the University of Kansas, and continues to take creative writing classes at the Hugo House. Since 2012, she has worked behind the scenes at leading sustainability publication Mother Earth News, where she's a Senior Copy Editor, and in 2017, she began copy editing for Heirloom Gardener and Mother Earth Living. She lives in Seattle. 


Joe Scott studied creative writing at the University of Kansas and digital marketing at the University of Indiana. He has been publishing short fiction, writing literary columns, and creating short-run zines since 2009. His current project is the popular Seattle-based political zine "Fuck."

Evergreen encompasses more than the state we call home.

Evergreen is a philosophy for creating and shaping work that is always alive, fresh, and up to date. 

Language evolves daily, and we aim to keep up with it. We reach beyond rigid ideas of right and wrong and focus instead on fostering clear communication and connection. We're schooled in standard stylebooks, but we can deviate when appropriate. We want the work we touch to grow and flourish.

Together, we bring a wide skill set to bear on each project, as well as an extra layer of scrutiny from within to ensure high-quality work. And as a smaller team, we can deliver this quality at an extremely competitive rate.